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Sport Performance  - Jr High,  High School, College, Professional

  Sport Performance trainin will be set up to meet the individual needs and goals of each athlete.  Athletes will be set up with a detailed workout focused on improving their body’s ability to perform on the field or court.   The workouts will be programmed to improve energy systems, strength, power, speed, quickness, agility, and mental toughness. A better conditioned body will enable athletes to perform at a higher level and help in reducing the risk of injury.  These programs are NOT set up to simply get an athlete tired, ANYONE can do that.

​   Athletes programs will be adjusted to complement where they are in their respected season, and what they do outside of Novus Strength.  ie ( Off-Season, In-Season, Transitioning to new season, etc.)  We want athletes to be able to perform at their peak level throughout the entire season. 

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Sport Performance High School-College

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